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Performance Meets Potential

For passionate teachers, careers leaders, and future-thinkers in education. If you want to empower your students to excel, and bridge the gap between ambition and success, this is for you.

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The Panel

Featuring thought leaders from education, and specialists from industry.
Chaired by broadcaster Alastair Stewart OBE.


Sir Clive Woodward

Nobody knows the importance of performance more than Sir Clive Woodward. He led the England Rugby team to World Cup glory in 2003, and Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics. He brings the same lessons to students around the world, no matter their ambition.

Founder & CEO of 8billionideas

David Harkin

Founder and CEO of 8billionideas, an award-winning education organisation recognised by the Times Educational Supplement and COBIS on a global scale. Throughout the years, he worked with over 250,000 students in 500+ schools around the world. In 2021 David was ranked 8th in the world as a positive educational influencer by ISC.
What Can Education Learn from Elite Sports?
#UnlockingEducation is back in 2022, bringing together leading specialists and experts across the education sector. The panelists will discuss the most common misconceptions about Performance, as well as tangible ways to apply learnings from elite sports to schools in a systematic sense. Want to learn more about how you can bring Performance into your school? During the webinar, you will get a sneak peek into the newest school programme created by 8billionideas in partnership with Apex2100 - Perform Better.
Thursday, 19th May

12:00 (GMT +1)

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19:30 (GMT +1)

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Discussion points

What does performance mean to you?

Defining performance and debunking misconceptions.

Performance in students

How can students perform better and what can we learn from elite performers?

Performance in schools

How can educationalists strive for elite standards and set an example for students?

2 Speakers-2 Sessions-Q&A-Hosted by Alistair Stewart OBE
How can performance be transferred from the field to the classroom -