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For 1000 ambitious students in the world, this summer

This 4 day Programme is for ambitious young people around the world. Perform Better is designed to provide the tools your students need to achieve their peak performance. We take a holistic approach to success, giving your students the foundation they need to achieve anything they set their mind to, whether that’s a gold medal or acing an exam.

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Created in partnership with
What will they learn?
The habits of performance
July 2022
Initially 1000
Live & Online

Created by world-class performance experts

Sir Clive Woodward
Director of Sport @ Apex2100
Performance means delivery on demand, and nobody knows that more than Sir Clive Woodward. He led the England Rugby team to World Cup glory in 2003, and Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics. He brings the same lessons to students around the world, no matter their ambition.
David Harkin
CEO & Co-Founder @ 8billionideas
David is an entrepreneur, a proud TEDx speaker and author. In 2020 he became a council member of The Foundation of Educational Development and recently published The Ripple Effect, a book about high-performance for ambitious people.
Only 1000 seats available worldwide
Online and live facilitated
Four days of hands-on Experiences
Facilitated in English
Special Celebration Day
The programme is for ambitious and aspiring students, athletes & performers

How it works

Talk to our team and learn more about Perform Better

Simply click the links on this page to book a call with a member of the 8billionideas team. Tell them about your needs and more about your school.

Distribute the resources to your students & parents

From your 8billionideas team member you will receive a promo pack that explains the Programme to your parents and to your students. Use it to explain and promote the opportunity.

We take care of the delivery and the admission process

Leave the rest to us. Perform Better is parent paid, so we will liaise with the parents and students who sign up directly, delivering our best ever online summer Programme.
Interactive Activities-16 Habit Building Experiences
4 days-Certificate-Live Facilitated by Our Team
Day 1: Base Camp
Base Camp is all about setting the foundation for the rest of programme. This day is really about embedding the idea that our minds and bodies should not be considered separately, but as one single being that must be improved holistically.

This concept is developed through three key foundational skills: communication, mastery of the flow state, and exercise. These skills are going to be the stepping stone to set your students up for success for the rest of the Programme.
💬 Communication Masterclass
How we relate to other people colours every corner of our lives, therefore, communication is one of the most important life skills you could ever master.
🤸 Embodied Cognition and New Tricks
Embodied cognition is a scientific concept that can help you understand exactly how your mind and body integrate so that you can learn, grow, and perform better
🌊 The Power of Flow
Understand the concept of flow, and how it can help you level up every aspect of your life.
👟 Exercise: Why Working Out Works
You are your body; don’t neglect it. Discover how moving more has benefits for all aspects of your mental and physical health.
Day 2: The Ascent
Ascension focuses on physical health and fitness, building on the concept of embodied cognition. This day’s focus is on physical health, and will ensure your body will carry you to the summit on the next day.

The tenets of physical health, such like exercise, nutrition, and sleep will supercharge every aspect of your student's achievement, whether or not they are an athlete or think of themselves as a ‘physical’ person.
⭕️ Feedback Loops
The art of giving and receiving feedback is an important life skill.
🥎 Understanding Exercise
Understand the science of exercise and fitness; discover how to work out smarter.
🥗 Eat Yourself Well
How the right nutrition can help you achieve your goals, in the gym, field, classroom, or the arena of life.
💤 Sleep Hygiene
We often underestimate the importance of rest, but the quality and quantity of your sleep will help you do better in all aspects of life.
Day 3: Summit
This day focuses on mastering the self, so that your students can transcend their own expectations. There’s a particular emphasis on solid coping skills and strategies to deal with adversity, temptation, stress, and anxiety.

Day 3 ensures your students don’t fall as they climb their mountain of ambition. In life, everybody slips, but we will show your students how to get back up again.
🚧 The Rocky Road: Dealing with Adversity
How can we deal with adversity and become better, more resilient people?
🧘‍♂️ Dealing with Anxiety
Anxiety can be debilitating, and stress can easily overwhelm you. Here is your toolbox for coping.
🌗 Moderation is the Spice of Life
Set yourself up for wellbeing and avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy coping mechanisms: that’s the power of moderation!
🎭 Active and Passive Consumption
Think critically about what you consume online, and become a more intentional, and happier, person.
Day 4: Planting the Flag
You’ve reached the top of the mountain - where your students will take everything they've learned and create well-defined and ambitious goals. These goals are the flag they can plant on the summit of their ambition.

We end the programme with high-level insight into the best way to stay on track, stop any self-sabotage, and be their own best friend in their pursuit of excellence. That’s why we focus on the importance of self- talk, the best way to work with your brain and not against it.
🧠 Mould Your Brain: Habits
Discover the wonder of neuroplasticity: the science of how your brain is built to learn new things.
📣 Self-Talk
How you talk to yourself has huge implications for your flourishing and success. Harness the power of positive self-talk.
🧩 Brain Fitness
Your brain is the most important organ in the body, so what are the components of brain fitness?
🎯 Goals and Visualisation
Achieving starts with visualisation; get to grips with the best way to set, and smash, your goals.
Celebration Day
There will be a celebration day in November. This will consist of multiple 1-2 hour webinars in each timezone. The students will join, and take part in reminders of the Programme.

Programmes starting in July around the world!

You will be able to choose from a multitude of Perform Better deliveries, taking place in four different timezones. Just pick which one is more convenient for your school! 




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Perform Better is for the most aspirational students across the world. The lessons over many years have helped elite performers on the field reach their potential. With 8billionideas we will spread that learning now to all parts of the globe.
Sir Clive Woodward
Director of Sport

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Perform Better will help your most ambitious students build high performance habits. These are transferable to any area or pursuit, and will help them succeed in upcoming exams, the transition to university, on the sports field, in the arts room, in the science labs, or even on stage. Perform Better allows your school to demonstrate your commitment to year-round education this summer.