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So how does it work?

8billionideas is a subscription platform for children aged 10-14, with people and experiences at its heart. Children who use 8billionideas will find out what their passions are and how they can use them in their journeys. We believe that children who use 8billionideas will be happier and more successful as they are better prepared for the future.

online Experiences

Learn from experience

Our Experiences are regularly scheduled 3 hour online guided workshops led by our trained facilitators. Simply book at a time convenient for you. Cameras and Microphones are ON, so your child can ask questions, work with others, and have fun, all from home.

Learn from real people!

Videos that don't put you to sleep

8billionideas videos are 10-20 minutes in length, allowing your child to find something new to be passionate about. They are scripted, animated, filmed, and edited by us, so you know your child is seeing quality content.

stop trawling through YouTube!

A real mentor. Unlimited access.

Our mentors are on hand to listen to and mentor your child. At the click of a button, your child can instantly video call a trained safe mentor from our team, who can help your child find new passions and answer questions about our material and content.

more than customer support

Get in depth with a course

So your child has found a topic they are really passionate about. Now what? They can get stuck into one of our courses which are self paced with recorded videos and a project to work through. Your child can go in depth into a topic, and demonstrate their passion.

get stuck into a project
Feedback that makes sense

We don't do homework

Our experiences and courses get your child working on projects, not homework. They can submit their project and get video feedback from our mentor team, who will advise what went well, and what could be even better about their work.

Shhh! See what content we've got lined up in this sneak peak...



Learning focused in three areas

We're focusing on the three areas that we think the children of today will need to approach the world of tomorrow.

Create something

Start a Business

All about how to create businesses - be they startups or charities, we want to help you make your child's ideas a reality. They can discover the skills, get the lingo down and test ideas to see them grow. 

Find your passion

Career Passport

Not sure what they want to be when they grow up? This is the place to start exploring. They can find out what kind of jobs people do, how they got there, and get an idea of what an actual day at work can look like. Career Passport can take them behind the scenes of a dancer, lawyer or even an astronaut!


Level Up

This is all about the individual! Do they want to get better at public speaking or figure out how to manage study time? Maybe they are trying to figure out how to market yourself or want to get better at mindfulness? This is the space where we help take your child to the next level.

8billionideas is coming in April 2021.

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Got a question?

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Who are 8billionideas?


Hi there 👋, we're 8billionideas! We're a team of educators based in South London, in a little town called Surbiton. We love ideas, and we believe children are great at having them. Our business is built on 4 pillars; providing excellence for our customers, building long term relationships with everyone, leveraging our voice and platform for positive change in the world, and creating memorable experiences.

Didn't you used to be called 7billionideas?


Yes, we did! We rebranded in January 2021. You might see a few references to our old business while we change and update our systems, so please bear with us in the meantime.

What problem are you trying to solve?


From a young age we are given an image of success. Whether it's the grades that should be achieved, or that promotion we should be striving for; our view of success is sometimes unhelpful.

We realised that many education systems were not fully equipping students for their future, and as a result young people were missing out on vital skills that would lead to happiness and fulfilment. These skills are the ones that are transferrable, and allow students to pursue, and have a successful career following their passions. That is the skillset we focused on embedding, and that is the skillset that is our contribution to students and the education sector.

This is the problem we set out to solve within 8billionideas. A world of content, from videos to courses and experiences - all designed to give students the skills and belief to change the world.

Why is 8billionideas safe?


8billionideas is safe because your child's safety is our top priority. Our entire team is DBS checked, and has a certificate in online child safeguarding from the NSPCC and CEOP.