Our mission is to give every student on the planet the skills and belief to change the world

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From a young age, we are imprinted with an image of success. Whether it's those grades that should be achieved, or that promotion we should be striving for; our view of success is often myopic or even harmful.

This is the problem we set out to solve with our new subscription product, 8billionideas. A world of experiences, from videos and podcasts, to self- paced and live courses—all designed to give students the skills and belief to change the world. Through fun, engaging, and interactive experiences, 8billionideas is the product, and name, that will take us forward.

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Our recognitions

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8billionideas has been recognised from organisations within and outside of education for their forward thinking approach to giving students the skills and beliefs to change the world.

St James' Palace: Recognised in the celebration of 300 years of leadership in the United Kingdom

In 2021, the United Kingdom celebrates 300 years of leadership under a Prime Minister. As such, the future King of England, Prince Charles, wishes to celebrate 300 years of leadership and innovation by looking forward to what the next 300 years will bring. The Palace has selected 20 organisations from different industries pushing the boundaries of their industry and as such 8billionideas was selected as an organisation that is leading the way in what this generation of students should be learning. In June 2021, 8billionideas will be featured in a global publication in the launch ceremonies.

TES : Times Education Supplement

TES, formerly known as the Times Educational Supplement, is a UK publication aimed at education professionals around the world created by The Times newspaper. 8billionideas in collaboration with one of their partner schools - Surbiton High School which is part of the Multi-Academy Trust United Learning - were recognised for their creativity in education over a sustained period of time.

COBIS : Collaboration of British International Schools

COBIS, a membership body of over 300+ British International Schools from around the world, recognised 8billionideas in 2020 as their 'Global Education Supporting Partner' for their strategic work with British School Jakarta in Indonesia. 8billionideas have helped BSJ move to become a distinguished school in the area of entrepreneurship, career education, and skills for the future.

David Harkin

CEO & Co-Founder

'I've never met a child from anywhere across the world who doesn't have an amazing imagination. It's our job at 8billionideas to give them the skills and the belief to change the world in the future. We don't believe a child should be limited to the education in their local school, but join a world where they can learn from experts around the clock and taught what isn't taught in schools to help them find their passions and flourish in the future. Anne Frank once said, 'isn't it amazing that no one needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world', it's a quote we love at 8billionideas and we see it as our responsibility to make sure your child believes that and has the skills to go and do it.'

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Our team

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David Harkin
CEO & Co-Founder
Jenny Pool
Co-Founder & Director
Helen Gooday
Executive Assistant
Jo Oakley
People Director
Ravi Chauhan
Director of Design & Marketing
Lola Ospanova
Director of Operations
Tara Majumdar
Spark Partnerships Manager
Tom Parsley
Platform Consultant
Karl Pearson
Sales & Projects Manager
Schools Engagement Lead
Gregor Fair
Learning Event Coordinator
Content Writer
Learning Facilitator & Mentor
Learning Facilitator & Mentor
Kalina Jedruszek
Digital Marketer
Radu Artin
Digital Marketer
Nate Brazier
Research & Marketing Intern
Louise Charewicz
Content Writer
Anouska McPherson
Motion Designer
Alex Jones
Video Editor
Tamara Akguneyli
Operations Assistant

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