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Our mission is to give every student on the planet the skills and belief to change the world

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We equip children for their future

As an EdTech company, it's our mission to provide young people with vital skills that will lead them to happiness and fulfilment throughout their lives. These skills are transferable, and allow students to pursue a career and life they're truly passionate about.

We encourage children to aspire to achieve and unlock their full potential to face all their educational challenges and opportunities

This is Roxy
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Meet the people behind 8billionideas

Our dedicated and passionate team has a diverse range of experience, and this is what makes 8billionideas the online learning platform that it is today. We strive to be an inspiring and supportive team, working together to provide the best learning experiences imaginable.

A terrifically tired Dad and a brilliantly busy person doing what I love. Keen runner and still think I can play cricket - but struggle to see the ball these days!

CEO & Co-Founder

David Harkin

Mother to two very lively boys, and Ambassador for African Promise. I like to run and keep fit, and run my craft business on the side (when I have time!).

Co-Founder & Director

Jenny Pool

I'm happiest when I'm learning something random & new, or when I'm walking my westie in a rainy forest or when eating bread and cheese in France.

People Director

Jo Oakley

I'm a qualified pilot, but these days you'll catch me on the ground. My favourite question is 'how?' - and that's where I come in.

Director of Operations

Lola Ospanova

Non-Executive Director

David Kay

Non-Executive Director

Sharon Chancellor-Maddison

I enjoy buying and trading effects pedals (then never using them), absorbing anything music related, and being terrible at video games.

Head of Operations

Gregor Fair

I’m currently working on a novel that has spiralled out of control. I relax by practicing yoga, starting craft projects that I never finish, collecting vintage recipe books and useless information, and curating nostalgic playlists.

Head of Content

Louise Charewicz

I have been working in the advertising industry for almost 4 years before making the complete switch to designing and marketing digital products. A true aspiring hall of fame drummer in my spare time, I love expressing myself creatively through music.

Head of Design

Radu Artin

Video isn't just a job for me but my passion, I love the medium of video and the stories we can tell through it.

Head of Studio

Alex Jones

Head of Marketing

Pontus Bergmark

Senior Facilitator

Lanre Danmola

Senior Facilitator

Oliver Martyn

Having fun with everything I do makes me love life! Nothing puts a smile on my face like a new challenge and pursuing my passions!

Senior Solutions Architect

Ollie Neagus

Content Writer

Shanto Asfi

I am always buzzing to meet new people around the world. I love putting myself out there and getting to know the most random things about people - often there's something in common!

Business Development Specialist

Sam Crick

I am a fiercely loyal and dedicated team player! A lover of sport, I have spent my life contributing in teams and this is where I am happiest!

Global & Strategic Business Development Manager

Karl Pearson

I love learning about the education sector and thinking about how we can best help our clients and students achieve their goals with our products and services.

School Engagement Lead

Tyne Davey

Business Development Manager

Ben Newton

I'm an animator that takes ideas from concept to completion. I like to be playful and creative with concepts and use my skills to support learning.

Motion Designer

Craig Green

People Coordinator

Olivia Philips

Project Coordinator

Ali Zahoor

Project Coordinator

Danica Fronda

Project Coordinator

Esme Barrington

Learning Facilitator and Mentor

Joel Messenger

Learning Facilitator

Whitney Uche-Ndubuisi

Learning Facilitator

Neelam Patel

Learning Facilitator

Tom O'dea

Finance Assistant

Karen Raftery

The four pillars of our mission

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We leverage our platform for the good of all and are committed to being a voice for positive social change. We lead by example and meet the highest social responsibility standards.

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We invest in long-term relationships based on trust, loyalty and integrity. We see everyone as a unique individual and we are focused on building personal connections with them.

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We create memorable, powerful and impactful experiences. We believe the experience defines how our customers and partners remember us, and craft meaningful interactions.

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We pursue world-class service and quality relentlessly. With true entrepreneurial spirit, we consistently innovate, iterate and improve.

A company with credentials

We’ve been recognised by organisations both inside and outside of the education sector for our forward-thinking approach when it comes to creating unique learning experiences.

The History of Parliament Trust

St James' Palace has recognised us as leading the way in Education. In June 2021, 8billionideas was featured in a global publication celebrating the best of British leadership and innovation.

Times Education Supplement

We partnered with Surbiton High School and were recognised for our creativity in providing entrepreneurship education to their students.

Edufuturist Awards

Our CEO David Harkin has been named ‘Edufuturist of the Year’ at #EdufuturistsAwards 2022. The awards recognise and reward the people and organisations at the forefront of educational transformation.

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We take your child’s online security very seriously

Our platform is a safe space for children and young people to engage with the services we provide. Safeguarding is just as important to us as it is to you, and is the foundation of our business.

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We create all of our content in-house. In doing so, we have positive control over what your child consumes.

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All child to child communication is done with a trained Facilitator or Mentor present.

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Our entire team undergoes an enhanced DBS check, the same standard as teachers in the UK.

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We record all Mentor and Facilitator interactions, giving you peace of mind.

We believe in giving back

#ROAR2021 - A World of Ideas

African Promise

Tomorrow starts today

Equip your students with the right set of skills for the future

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