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Give your students an introduction to work experience as they intern with our team and progress through our most popular 3-day programme.
Experiences: Pinpointing Problems, Perfecting your Concept, Distruptive Industries in Tech, Raising Investment, Meaning Behind Marketing and Design, Building a Website, The Art of the Pitch

Days: 3 Days
Theme: Career Passport
Group Style: Individual
Flow: Scenario

The Accelerator

Level up your students' skills, and allow them to apply what they learn in school in new and novel ways in this flexible skills-based programme.

Experiences: Decision Time, What's your Brand: Using Social Media, Getting Comfortable in Your Own Skin, Your Future Dream Job

Theme: Level Up
Group Style: Individual
Flow: Portfolio


This programme is the ultimate hit of entrepreneurship and takes your students from idea to pitching in just a few hours. Incubate their ideas, and watch them grow!
Experiences: Pinpointing Problems, Lightbulb Moments, The Art of the Pitch

Theme: Start a Business
Group Style: Group Work
Flow: Pitch

Going Viral: Brand an Influencer

A one-day crash course empowering students to use their skills to rebrand an influencer and plan a social media marketing campaign to help widen their reach.
Experiences: Brand an Influencer, Meaning Behind Marketing & Design, Meet Your First Customer, Using Social Media Responsibly
Days: 1 Day
Theme: Level Up
Group Style: Individual
Flow: Scenario + Portfolio


Business ideas should not just be profitable, but also world-changing. This programme gets your students creating businesses that improve people's lives and exemplify socially conscious values.
Experiences: Solve It: Plastic, Concept to Prototype, Meaning Behind Marketing & Design, Captivating Campaigns: Make Them Notice, Pitch Experience, +2 more
Days: 2 Days
Theme: Start a Business
Group Style: Group
Flow: Scenario + Pitch

Save The Design Company

Do you want to get your students flexing their creativity muscles? In this programme your students will work within a team to save a flailing design company that is going under.
Experiences: Pinpointing Problems, Lightbulb Moments, The Art of the Pitch
Days: 1 Day
Theme: Start a Business
Group Style: Scenario + Portfolio
Flow: Pitch

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