The secret to innovation: intrapreneurs

This fast-paced 3-part series helps you understand how having the right attitude and mentality can drive a culture of continuous improvement, creativity and employee-led intrapreneurship.  

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We believe in the power of the intrapreneur

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The greatest asset an organisation has is its people. However, they need to be inspired, unlocked, and sometimes reminded how creative they can be. The Creating Ripples programme was created to do just that.

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A 3-parts programme that will drive the empowerment of employees.

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A proven recipe that stimulates the creation of new ideas to help your organisation.

Creating Ripples

By 8billionideas

Careers of the Future

How I Use Maths In My Job

What Makes an Enterpreneur?

Welcome to the Agency: Advertising a Product

Public Speaking Demystified

Who's Talking: Interview Skills

Build Your First CV

Could Greeting Cards Be Your Next Start Up?

Logos: Brand a Coffee Shop

Meet Your First Customer: The Power of Profiles

What's Your Brand: Using Social Media To Tell Stories

Future Jam

We are live! 🚀

15th March
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Decision Time

29th March
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Your Turn: Investing in an Idea

Mar 12
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Multilingual Support


Three 90-minute parts

They would be ideally delivered a month apart and in group sizes no bigger than 25.


Developing a Positive but Relentless Attitude

Learn the importance of having the right attitude.

Masterclass 1 -  How full is my glass of water?
Masterclass 2 - Is a ‘World Class’ mentality to everything possible? Sounds tiring.


Unleashing the Intrapreneur

Understand how to adopt a culture of intrapreneurship.

Masterclass 3 -  Is the theory of marginal gains something a business can really adopt? Or is it a myth?
Masterclass 4 - How does innovation really work in a business?


Making Your Mark

Develop a plan to enable a culture of continuous improvement.

Masterclass 5 -  How to shape it, influence it and leave a legacy for all of time.
Masterclass 6 - Be more pirate.

Who are these sessions for?

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Organisations and companies that want to proactively motivate, engage, and inspire their people to take initiative, embrace a relentless attitude of continuous improvement and come forward with their ideas to create visible impact within and outside their organisations.

We work with our partners to have a programme goal

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We work with our partners to have a programme goal of creating a certain amount of positive ripples from the programme that affects all parts of your organisation that ends up.


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Why choose us?

Led by a TEDx Speaker

Learn from our team of trained Facilitators led by an entrepreneur and a double TEDx speaker, 8billionideas’ CEO - David Harkin.

Unleash the Intrapreneur

We cover areas such as developing a positive but relentless attitude, and making your mark in 2021.

Officially recognised

8billionideas has been selected as 1 of 20 organisations by St James Palace in 2021 to share our vision on thoughts on topics such as leadership and innovation in the years ahead.

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